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Welcome to Swing’s

Swing’s Coffee Roasters has been part of the Washington, DC coffee culture for nearly 100 years.  Swing’s passionate customers have literally traveled the world with our beans in tow, sharing our coffee with others, and relating tales of “this obscure coffee roaster in DC.”  That level of devotion has kept the roasters running all this time. In 2013, Swing’s opened a new roastery and coffee bar with the sole intent of delivering exceptional coffees and a unique coffee experience to our following.  We hope to strengthen an existing bond and extend our reach to those who have yet to discover what we are all about.   We roast ethically-sourced coffees behind a glass wall of the Del Ray coffee bar – our transparency applies to both sourcing and roasting.  Always, we are eager to share our craft and coffee discoveries with those wanting to learn more about the art of coffee.

Who is Swing’s

At Swing’s Coffee Roasters, we roast ethically-sourced coffees with artisan efforts developed over generations. We care about the journey coffee takes and the people it comes in contact with along the way, understanding that remarkable coffee is the end result of many.

It is imperative that our cafes remain an integral part of our community. Swing’s offers a friendly meeting place that customers can depend on for the highest quality of coffee products, and an environment that inspires and promotes coffee education for both customers and employees.

We continue to pursue and adhere to best practices in coffee, in order to deliver substantive and sustainable quality. Our commitment is to continually exceed expectations for our customers, employees and our community.

Mark Warmuth had his first cup of Swing’s coffee as a customer in 2001. He was immediately drawn to the authentic nature of the company and its unassuming approach to roasting and customer service. Always passionate about coffee and seeking to pursue a life revolving around it, Mark crossed paths with Swing’s again in 2006, first becoming its General Manager and later, owner. He has always held the legacy of Swing’s and the dedication of its founders in high regard and has further committed his energies towards making Swing’s a place where both customers and employees enjoy being part of a total coffee culture.

Our commitment to sustainable, traceable and transparent supply chain ensures and encourages not only cup quality from the farm gate to our cupping lab, but ever-increasing sustainable livelihoods for all involved in coffee production and preparation. We commit a year-over-year percentage increase of our green coffee purchases towards importers, exporters and farms that work with family–farmed small-holder coffee, utilize sustainable growing and agronomic practices, as well as re-invest in quality and community fostering long-term relationships.




Coffee Cupping

cupping coffee


A big part of our job here at Swing’s is making sure that you are getting the best coffee possible, and we are producing it consistently. That all sounds fine and well, but how is it done? The answer: cupping.

Come by Fridays at 10am to join the Swing’s team in a public coffee cupping.