If you’re a fan of African coffees – or not – this is the time to check out our new suite of fresh harvest African coffees. Some new ones and notes we have in store:

  • Tanzania Peaberry – peach, butter, chocolate.
  • Ethiopia Ardi – sweet, blueberry
  • Kenya Kia Ora – sweet tomato, lemon, umami.
  • Decaf Ethiopia Sidama – hushed blueberry with a wide chocolate note.

Generally speaking, specialty coffees from Africa are rich in bright notes, ranging from in-your-face blueberry to fresh tomato and everything in between. Talk to most craft roasters and you’ll find there is a special place in their heart for Africa, and for good reason. Complexity and sweetness are hallmarks, and more than most coffee from other areas of the world, they totally engage the senses that we use to examine and enjoy coffee. The aromatics richly trigger our retronasal receptors in our olfactory system (the experience of smelling while breathing out through your nose). They pop taste buds with complexity, and they shape-shift their feel on the palette. They can look rough on the outside (a lack of farming inputs often contributes to this), but it doesn’t betray the delightful experience between sitting down with a fresh cup, and arising with it empty.