Coffee is the number one most traded agricultural product in the world, and is the number two most traded commodity after oil. It involves myriad industries, from nurseries, harvesting, processing, grading, sorting, packaging, exporting, importing, transit, storage and roasting.  25 million people depend on coffee for their livelihoods. Of the 50 plus countries that cultivate coffee, the vast majority are either third world, or developing nations. All of the top 10 coffee consuming nations are fully industrialized nations. This renders us quite a juxtaposition.  At Swing’s, we have experience and thorough knowledge of the supply chain, and we’ve seen the good and bad that exists within it.

Because of all the human effort that goes into specialty coffee, we are compelled to act as responsible buyers and sellers of coffee, treating it with the care it deserves, and utilizing it every way we can. What matters to us is the journey this coffee takes and the people and partners it comes in contact with along the way. We believe remarkable coffee is the result of many, from the grower to you and the hands in between. Below are some efforts we put forth, and partners we work with on the journey to ever-better quality of coffee, and of life.

Home Grown Coffee Initiative

At Swing’s Coffee, we pursue a progressive model to purchase green coffee, one that gives more visibility in the supply chain, allows us to forge relationships with producers, affect social and environmental change, and reward quality. Home Grown [...]

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Fruitful Grounds

After sourcing, roasting and preparing the best coffees we can find, we recognize that used coffee grounds still have tremendous value, specifically as a great ingredient to any compost system. We're passionate about compost at [...]

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Trickling Springs

We are sourcing some of the best coffees we can find from around the world. And knowing how much care goes into a single bean, we sought the same care for the ingredients that go [...]

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Walk into our cafes and you’ll notice two things about the furnishings: We like old stuff and fine craftsmanship. More importantly, though, we love to re-purpose and salvage useful things that others may do away [...]

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Free Burlap

Why Mr. Rude had to go hating on burlap is really beyond us. We quite like it, and we keep thinking of new uses for it: re-upholster an ottoman; cut out [...]

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