Home Grown Coffee Initiative

At Swing’s Coffee, we pursue a progressive model to purchase green coffee, one that gives more visibility in the supply chain, allows us to forge relationships with producers, affect social and environmental change, and reward quality. Home Grown is: Working with producing families and individual coffee growers who also seek “Relationship Commerce” Purchasing from producers who reinvest in quality with an emphasis on sustainable agricultural techniques Supporting families and communities at origin with social enterprise and non-profit partners Traceability and accountability throughout the supply chain Forging long-term relationships based on trust and communication Home Grown Initiative is the starting place in our expanding efforts to source coffee more responsibly and transitioning all of our green coffee purchases to this sustainable model. Since enacting this program in 2013, we have grown our relationships, commitments and dedication to this model and the stake-holders we work with from 18% to nearly 85%. Be on the look out for new relationships in 2017 as we close the gap to 100%. DOWNLOAD Home Grown Info Sheet    

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Fruitful Grounds

After sourcing, roasting and preparing the best coffees we can find, we recognize that used coffee grounds still have tremendous value, specifically as a great ingredient to any compost system. We're passionate about compost at Swing's, and it was our intention that once we opened our newest brew bar and roasting facility in Alexandria, VA in 2013, we would make freely available all of our used coffee for the community to take and use in their systems. The result is that almost all of our used coffee gets a second life in a garden or flower bed or bar of soap. One of our favorite partners in this endeavor is Common Ground City Farm, located in the District of Columbia. Throughout each week, a volunteer comes to pick up used coffee for compost. We're proud to support Common Ground in their efforts to grow food, educate, and help low-income DC community members meet their food needs. In 2013, Common Ground delivered 5,200 pounds of fresh vegetables to low-income residents in their efforts to combat poverty and food deserts. CGCF uses a system based on modified windrows, developed with assistance from Darren Joffe of Farmer D. It involves sizeable piles of soil, food waste, and straw, built up in layers. It requires some space, but it can take in up to 450 lbs of food waste a month, and produces usable compost in about three months! Adding woodchips, newspaper or other “browns” to the compost is critical to the compost bin working. Your food waste (“greens”) provides nitrogen to the compost, while these “browns” provide carbon. A 1:3 nitrogen to carbon ratio allows the compost to get hot and break down the [...]

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Trickling Springs

We are sourcing some of the best coffees we can find from around the world. And knowing how much care goes into a single bean, we sought the same care for the ingredients that go into our drinks. We accomplish this by partnering with Trickling Springs Creamery who buys milk from local, family farms that take the best care of their animals and land. These happy cows get all the sunshine and free grass they want during the growing season and are not pushed in growth or production by synthetic hormones. Come in and taste the difference! (quoted from the Trickling Springs Creamery website) 2330 Molly Pitcher Hwy. Chambersburg, PA 717.709.0711 Partner Link:  http://www.tricklingspringscreamery.com

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