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Java Honey

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Roast :  Light-Medium
Processed :  Honey, Sun Dried
Varietal :  Typica
Notes : Blackened plum, raw sugar
Altitude :  1000 – 1700 masl
Region : Garut Regency
Importer: Sriwijaya

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Product Description

After setting up four wet mills in western Java, our partner – Sriwijaya Coffee – began to experiment with new processing methods with great results. We are happy to provide this limited honeyed coffee. Here, the fruit is picked from the tree when ripe, the seed (bean) expunged, and then set out to dry. Much of the fruit is still attached to the seed which can make a sticky drying bed (it resembles something of a toasted Payday Bar). In the cup look for blackened plum and raw sugar.


This coffee fully complies with our equitable commerce program, Home Grown.

Home Grown