Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your beans come from?

We purchase coffee from importers/exporters in about 15 different countries. Our goal for the past 8 years has been to forge long-term relationships in these growing regions, and strengthen our bonds year-over-year. This is a core tenent of our Homegrown Coffee™ initiative (read more here).

Do you sell organic certified coffee?

While we do sell some USDA Organic-certified coffees, our facility is not organic certified. Therefore we do not sell those organically-grown coffees as branded "USDA Certified Organic". 

How should I store my coffee? Should I freeze it?

The best practice for storing your coffee is air-tight and room temperature. Freezing or refrigerating coffee can lead to coffee that takes on the smell and taste of other flavors in your refrigerator (even if it's in the freezer). Additionally, coffee in the freezer is susceptible to freezer burn. We recommend purchasing smaller amounts of coffee, preferably whole bean, and grinding just before brewing for optimal flavor.

How do you ship?

We ship products daily (M-F) via USPS and FedEx.

Where do you ship?

Shipping policy applies to shipment within the 48 contiguous states. Any orders outside the continental U.S. may be subject to additional charges or cancellation of the order.