homegrown 120815
homegrown 120815

At Swing’s Coffee, we pursue a progressive model to purchase green coffee, one that gives more visibility in the supply chain, allows us to forge relationships with producers, affect social and environmental change, and reward quality.

Homegrown Coffee is:

  • Working with producing families and individual coffee growers who also seek “Relationship Commerce”
  • Purchasing from producers who reinvest in quality with an emphasis on sustainable agricultural techniques
  • Supporting families and communities at origin with social enterprise and non-profit partners
  • Traceability and accountability throughout the supply chain
  • Forging long-term relationships based on trust and communication

Our Homegrown Coffee is the starting place of our expanding efforts to source coffee more responsibly and transitioning all of our green coffee purchases to this sustainable model. Since enacting this program in 2013, we have grown our relationships, commitments, and dedication to this model and the stakeholders we work with from 18% to nearly 85%. Be on the lookout for new relationships in 2022 as we close the gap to 100%.