Terms and Conditions

  • We ship all orders using Fedex Ground or USPS Priority Mail which generally arrives 1 – 3 days after the shipment date.
  • Once your coffee has been released to Fedex or USPS, it is out of our control, however, we can assist you to track your package and help ensure that you receive freshly roasted coffee.
  • We do not accept returns. However, if you have any concerns with your coffee or there is an error in your order, please contact 703.370.5050 and we will try to resolve any issues.
  • Shipping policy applies to shipments within the 48 contiguous states. Any orders outside the continental U.S. may be subject to additional charges or cancellation of the order.


Because Swing’s Coffee is dedicated to providing the freshest roasted coffee to its customers, we cannot accept returns for unused or over-ordered coffee. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Swing’s Coffee and we will do our best to help you.


All orders are shipped through FedEx Ground or USPS Priority Mail and shipping rates are based on the weight and size of the package. Once packages are in the carrier’s possession, Swing’s can no longer assume responsibility for the package. You will receive a tracking email from Federal Express or USPS at the email address you provided. If you have any issues with your shipment, please check the carrier’s website and call them first to resolve the issue.

Shipping rates are waived for orders over $60, pre-tax.